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LAVSUN is a Texas-based IT consulting and staffing company that drives value by helping its diverse clients find the most suitable IT staffing available in order to meet their company culture and business needs.

LAVSUN facilitates effective contract staffing via direct hire, co-employment and human resource consulting. We offer top-notch services in various areas like IT consulting, financial staffing as well as consulting.

Contract Staffing

We offer the following services:

Contract staffing and hiring has been recognized as an extremely smart and cost-effective solution to handlethe needs of the technological landscape that is in a state of constant flux. Our contract hiring service provides you the level of flexibility and responsivenessassociated with this business model.In addition, it lowersthe personnel expenses when compared to the higher costs of full-time employees, making this solution a viable alternative.

However, to make the contract engagement efficient and successful it is vital to find the best fit for your business.The value and expertise that an IT staffing and consulting company offers is directly related to the quality of the prospective candidates it brings to the table as well as the comprehensiveness with respect to how carefully the potential candidates are screened, both culturally and technically.

LAVSUN’s deep and rich IT network that has been developed over several years, coupled withthe expertise and experience of our senior level staff allows us to deliver fully screened and high-quality candidates ready for the interview process.

Contract to Hire

Whether it’s with respect to a specific role or it’s your standard business model, LAVSUN has several years of experience in successfully assisting its clients with their specific contract-to-hire preferences and needs.

We will discussvarious modes of acquiring the best IT talent in the industry along with the merits of each alternative. LAVSUN works with a wide cross-section of large companies and SMB’s in the Texas market. As soon as youmake the decision, we strive to find the top candidates, recognizing your need for developing rapport and to assessmutual fit and capabilities.

With our strong collaboration and partnership capabilities we can offer you customized employment solutions to fit all your technical and cultural needs.

Permanent Hiring

The demand for the best IT talent in the industry has never been greater. Even if your company has in-house recruiting capabilities, you will recognize the need and benefits of accessing an extensive pool of IT candidates who do not have their resumes on various job boards.

Keep in mind that these “passive” candidates present a great opportunity for you in the hunt for IT talent.LAVSUN with its innovative methods specializes in these individuals. Our success and reputation in themarket has allowed us to develop a strong and effective technical network in order to find the best talent which may otherwise remain hidden.

Knowing that the technology market can change rapidly, recruiters at LAVSUN understand that your organization requires the best and brightest talent in the technology industry. This is why we constantly update our extensive pool of qualified and suitable professionals, swiftly finding the most accomplished and experienced candidates with proven track records.Our recruiters know how and where to find the talent you need.